Thursday, August 26, 2010

FNO Looks from Qi

Fashion's Night Out's main event, the fashion show at Lincon Center on September 7th, is now sold out. The 1,500 general sale tickets for the FNO show sold out yesterday, a mere four hours after going on sale.

Now more exciting news about the fashion show has been released! Tabitha Simmons and Edward Enninful are styling the show and they’ve created 7 themes for the much-anticipated and highly-publicized show. The themes are: Global Traveler, Rocker Girl, Roaring Twenties, Clean Chic, Fifties Era and Country Weekend.

We decided it would be fun to make looks of our own based off these themes.

1. Global Traveler

2. Rocker Girl

3. Roaring Twenties

4. Clean Chic

5. Fifties Era

6. Country Weekend

What do you think?

Pay It Forward

[PC: People Tree]

Emma Watson is a model for People Tree, a company that produces Fair Trade and organic fashion, and now she has traveled to Bangladesh to see how Fair Trade has affected the lives of the workers in the garment factories.

Emma was attracted to what People Tree stood for and decided to collaborate with them:
“I didn't feel that there was a huge amount of clothes out there that are Fair Trade and organic and it's so great to give people the choice to wear something that makes the world a better place, to wear clothing that does some good. Clothes are fabulous and can transform the way someone feels about themselves and you can transform someone's life at the same time, which is a pretty amazing thing to do.”

Taking it a step further, Watson wanted to pay a visit to the country to see how the company has helped. She travelled to the slums in Dhaka to see how the garment factory workers live and then to Swallows, the Fair Trade community supported by People Tree, and the difference between the living conditions was astounding. You can see her journey in the video below (it's worth the watch!):

It is apparent that Watson's trip had a great impact on her as she explains,
"I still find it hard to convey what Fair Trade means to those producing our fashion -- it's just so impressive to see how the women have used Fair Trade clothing to escape poverty and empower themselves and their children. I was moved and inspired."

Like Emma, Qi believes in the idea of clothing's ability to better your life while simultaneously bettering the lives of others. That is why Qi is excited to announce our upcoming "Cashmere for a Cause" event. The two-night event will be held on November 30th and December 1st at the Art in General gallery. Our Fall/Winter '10 collections will be available for purchase at this event and we will be donating 10% of the proceeds from the night to the AFC. Advocates For the Children of New York is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the best education New York can offer for all students--especially those of color and from low-income backgrounds.

Our Qi Cares collection, seen on celebrities such as Ciara, was created in an effort to support the AFC, and we are happy to continue to lend our support to them.

Last year's event had a great turn out and we hope you will join us again this year to help support this important cause!

[Daily Mail UK]

Fashion and Technology

These days, technology has infiltrated our lives so deeply that it is hard to imagine living without it. Constantly being within arms reach of a cell phone, iPod, laptop, and now the iPad, has changed the way we look and react to the world around us. It certainly has turned the fashion industry upside down.

The viral effect of the Internet nurtured the creation of fashion blogs, which have become wildly popular in the last few years. The consistent and fast-paced nature of the Internet meant that bloggers could get news out to the public weeks before the monthly fashion publications hit the newsstand.

In order to compete with the immediacy of the Internet, publications like Vogue were forced to reevaluate their audience and market. In some cases, this may have caused some bitterness between bloggers and editors.
PC: [Patrick McMullan via NYMAG]

In an address to the Pratt Institute, Anna Wintour discussed the evolution of the industry and in a calculated compliment expressed her feelings about blogs:
"We love as much coverage of fashion as possible. We don’t care at all where it comes from, and we embrace bloggers and video and social networking, and anyone that’s talking about fashion is a good thing. And we now have our own website that incorporates all of that. But I think what’s interesting to us with this new phenomenon that ‘everyone’s a fashion editor, everyone’s a fashion writer’ is that all of that actually helps Vogue, because we have access and the understanding of fashion that, forgive me, but maybe some bloggers and some of the newcomers to this world have a little bit less experience of, but as I said, the more the merrier. We embrace it."

Between rivaling for front-row seats at fashion shows and racing to stay relevant, tension between the "serious" publications and the fashion bloggers increased...until now. has announced that it will soon be disaffiliating itself with and will unveil their new site in September. It seems Wintour has more fully embraced technology; perhaps she's grown to see it not as a fleeting trend, like last season's neon, but as something that's here to stay,like a classic trench coat. They hope that the site will surpass Vogue’s competition and have worked a lot to develop it. For now there seems to be peace between the Vogue editor and technology--she recently professed to owning an iPad and even admitted that “of course” she reads fashion blogs.

The advancements in technology has not only put pressure on major publications, but on all tiers of the industry. For instance it has opened up the doors for a person to do more than one thing in the industry.

Nina Garcia, fashion editor at Marie Claire and a regular judge on Project Runway, revealed that she thinks being a fashion editor requires one to appear on television.
"The fashion editor as it used to be has changed. Now you have to wear many hats, and whoever tells you differently is wrong. Now you’re on TV, whether you want it or not.”

PC: [Getty Images]

Editors aren't the only ones having to adapt--designers are feeling the pressure too.
Shirley Cook, CEO of Proenza Schouler, told the New York Times of the challenges the Internet poses:
"In today’s world, to be successful in fashion you’re required to do it all. The Internet is changing how designers work: “It’s actually forcing the designers to be the leaders in fashion again . . . The Internet has brought a wealth of information and also boredom. All those blogs and new ways to dress and shop. For me, it means we have to be much more on our game.”

The fact that the face-paced fashion world is constantly evolving, and as soon as something is "in" it's already on its way "out," certainly poses some challenges for those who work in it, but being more on the game, as Cook puts it, is certainly something consumers will reap the benefits of. After all, apply pressure to a coal and you'll get a diamond.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Very Vegas

Last week, Qi headed west for a trade show in Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital of the World. Known for its gambling, dining, and shopping, Vegas was an exciting place to be! We set up our booth and showcased our Spring 2011 collection to buyers and curious suppliers. Here's what our booth looked like:

Our top sellers were our silk Acension Shirt with our burnout bird print (see left) and our 100% silk Savanna Shirt (see right.)

Vegas is known for being a bit of a zoo, so does it surprise you that they showed off their wild side and reached for our animal-inspired pieces?

Oil, Oil Everywhere...

The oil leak may have been stopped, but the controversy continues. Vogue Italia has attracted criticism for mixing politics and fashion in their August issue’s “Oil and Water” shoot. Photographed by Stephen Meisel, the shoot stars Kristen McMenamy, betrothed in an oil-soaked feather gown, who appears incapacitated and washed up on shore. Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani admits that the shoot is “shocking to see” but that the message being conveyed is very important. She reminds readers to “[b]e careful about nature” and “take more care about nature.”

However, some people do not share Sozzani’s perspective on the shoot. Many residents of the Gulf argue that Vogue Italia is cheapening a grave, life-altering catastrophe by glamorizing it. Take a peek at the photos below and decide for yourself whether the magazine did a tasteful job in mixing art and fashion with social commentary or if you feel Vogue Italia should have steered clear of the serious issue: [Styleist]

All Pictures Courtesy of: Vogue Italia

Here at Qi, we tend to agree with Franca Sozzani—the pictures, while provocative, depict the environmental tragedy in a creative and realistic way. We commend Vogue Italia for making the disaster a global issue and preventing it from going unnoticed. Qi especially approves of the message Sozzani intended to send—a reminder to examine our society’s environmental impact and make conscious efforts towards a sustainable future.

This season Qi is celebrating the increasing social concern for environmental conservation. Our Holiday 2010 collection features pieces that are adorned in beautiful feathers. We will be donating 10% of the proceeds of the feathered garments to the National Wildlife Federation to help aid in the clean up of the Gulf. Qi is also saying no to plastic and encouraging others to do the same. We created the Mother Nature tote bag to serve as a fashionable reminder to save our planet. With its inspirational phrases such as, “Mother Nature Loves Us, Love Her Back” and “Make A Change, Start A Trend, Go Green,” we aim to inspire everyone to make changes that will benefit the earth.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Inside the "Vampire Diaries" Wardrobe

PC: [CW]

The hit series, Vampire Diaries, is on everyone's radar right now. The blood-sucking series is full of teen drama and romance, and now it's being recognized for the great on-set styling!
PC: [Tube Talk]

The woman responsible for the leather jackets and cozy scarves is costume designer, Jennifer Bryan. Bryan sat down with SeenOn for an interview and to talk about the type of clothes she looks for when styling for the show.

She usually picks “items that will throw light and color into the show, but still belong in the high school world,” she says. “[The clothes] are approachable and relatable to the audience.”

The wardrobe department is full of denim and leather from brands like True Religion, Hugo Boss and Cole Haan, but when Bryan reaches for well-cut basics she always grabs Qi!

“Qi Cashmere is one of my favorites!” she gushes.

Make sure to keep your eyes open for Qi styles in the upcoming episodes and keep watching The Vampire Diaries.

Birds Of A Feather...

Seen all over the Paris runways in 2010, the feather trend is huge right now. Looking at this season’s garments covered in lustrous feathers—seen on every runway from Ann Demeulemeester to Givenchy—you might not suspect that the feather’s first fashion debut was on a men's hats in ancient Babylon. Journalist Caroline Weber from the New York Times, traces the origins of the feather trend here.

The feather was first worn by men in the form of decorative headgear:
In the ancient patriarchies of Babylon (2105-1240 B.C.) and Assyria (1200-540 B.C.), plumes mingled with palm fronds in sacred headgear for men. In medieval Europe, feathers featured principally on the metal helmets (heaumes) that men donned for war. Because their heaumes hid their faces, knights needed a means of distinguishing friend from foe in a split second. Feathers also came in handy when the knight tried his luck with the ladies. Based on the era’s protocol for ‘‘courtly’’ love — which served, in a brutish age, to separate the gentleman from the savage — a suitor wore feathers in his damsel’s special colors when he jousted or did battle, albeit with no guarantee of currying favor. (Weber)

PC: [deannadibene]
Now, feathers have appeared on everything from tailored jackets to miniskirts to shoes! Feathers are going to be a huge fall trend and we must admit, here at Qi we're loving them! Edgy yet opulent, the feather provides a striking contrast against our luxe cashmere basics. Our holiday 2010 collection features simple silhouettes that are enhanced by the luminous feather details.

Will you be wearing this stylish look that has deep roots in fashion history?

Ahoy, Matey!

Katherine Rasmussen, a graphic designer who owns the Brooklyn-based company, Reiter8, spent the idle summers of her youth in Cape Cod. It was there she fell in love with the ocean and learned how to sail. Years later, she began an eco-friendly business using recylced sails from boats to make various nautical-inspired objects--she calls this process "upcycling." From luggage tags to pillows, Rasmussen has been able to bring the beach into peoples' homes. Rasmussen joined Tim McKeough from the New York Times on a shopping trip to look at ocean maps, compasses, and maritime inspired dishes.


If you want to decorate your home with objects from the sea, why not bring it into your wardrobe, as well? Qi's Spring 2011 was inspired by water and the ocean. Go for a relaxing cruise in our Celestial Dress:

Or stroll on the beach in our High Tide shorts and Tied To Shore halter:

The end of summer may be nearing, but you can keep the ocean close with sea-inspired styles.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FNO Schedule

PC: [NYMag]
The much-anticipated Fashion’s Night Out schedule has finally been released to the public. The official FNO website is up and running, and it allows you to create a personal itinerary for the big night. Make sure you hit your favorite spots by going to to plan your evening. Designers, models, movie stars, and fashion editors are all excited to come together and perform, party and shop.

Interested in music? Go to Helmut Lang’s outdoor dance party or grab a microphone and sing karaoke for judges Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler.

Love make up? Pop in to the Rag & Bone and 3.1 Phillip Lim Mercer Street Block Party and get a makeover from Gucci Westman.

Not interested in pushing through crowded stores? Go to Qi’s own event . In the spirit of Fashion's Night Out, Qi will be giving away our Mother Nature tote bag with purchases of $200 or more.

Trend Watch: Capes

While the mention of capes may conjure up images of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, they are sure to be very popular this autumn. High-end designers such as Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen, Phillip Lim, Peter Som and Salvatore Ferragamo all ditched the jacket and showed capes in their Fall/Winter 2010 shows. Capes are sure to spice up your wardrobe because of the various different styles available.

For instance, a cloak, or a longer cape, like the one worn by Vogue Nippon's editor-in-chief, Anna Dello Russo, adds an air of elegance to her classic look.


The cape can also toughen up a look and give off a rocker chic vibe. See how this Parisian combines two of the season's biggest trends, the cape and structured shoulders, to give her outfit a Gothic edge.


Another really wearable option is the sweater cape. Great when paired with skinny jeans and boots, the sweater cape creates a more casual look, making you appear effortlessly put together. This fall, wrap yourself up in Qi’s Ladyhawk Cape! With its toggle closure and chunky knit, the Ladyhawk Cape is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fashion's Night Out

PC: Getty Images for Conde Nast
A press conference was held this morning for a major upcoming event--Fashion's Night Out. During his speech Mayor Bloomberg proved that he is in touch with the fashion world.

“The men and women standing up here are the fashion-world stars,” he began. “If they say that boot-cut pants are back in style, then boot-cut pants are back in style. If they say capes are en vogue, then capes are en vogue. And if they say a simple navy suit is the epitome of sophistication, then who are we to argue with that?”

Fashion-related jokes aside, this year's Fashion's Night Out promises to be a huge success. With over 1,000 stores participating in the event and a public fashion show at Lincoln Center (being held September 7th), Fashion's Night Out is drawing a lot of attention to the fashion world. Tickets for the fashion show can be purchased for $25, with all proceeds going to the NYC Aids fund. [NYMag]

Qi is happy to announce that we will be holding our own event in celebration of Fashion's Night Out. Qi has produced a reusable tote bag that will be FREE with a purchase of $200 or more at Focusing on our society's consumption habits and the impact we have on the Earth, we've designed a bag that is as chic as it is environmentally sound. The bag depicts Mother Nature, whose wind-blown hair declares, “Mother Nature loves us, love her back.”

Here's a preview of the bag:

Remember to visit and with a purchase of $200 or more you can receive the Mother Nature bag.

Treasures of Syria

While Marc Jacobs flies to Morocco to get inspired, Anna Sui teams up with Anthropologie buyer, Keith Johnson, for an inspiration trip of their own! Together they venture to Syria to gain design inspiration from the markets of Aleppo and Damascus. Man Shops Globe shows the pair pushing through a "claustrophobic" market to look at the treasures of Syria. After deciding on some hand-carved soaps to bring back for a keepsake and ogling at glass chandeliers, Sui notes that “[i]t’s such a traditional culture, I don’t know how really to interpret it. Maybe it’s going to be more in the color.”

Check out the clip here:

For Qi's Spring 2011 collection, design director, Karina Mazzilli, was inspired by nature's beauty. The four abstracts of nature--sky, earth, water and air--are inspirations that can be seen throughout the line. The collection draws inspiration from the depths of the seas, to the summits of mountains, to the grasslands of Africa, featuring nautical stripes and rompers with brass buttons, structured blazers with a utilitarian feel, and tribal prints that will instantly transport you to the humid jungles of Namibia.

"I die."

Rachel Zoe dies for fashion in the new Harper's Bazaar shoot, which features Zoe facing a multitude of fashion-related deaths. Rachel Zoe, who brought the "I die" catchphrase to the fashion scene in her dramatic reality show, The Rachel Zoe Project , pokes fun at herself in these photographs which depict her being killed by various designers such as Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Francisco Costa, Brian Atwood, and Michael Kors. [Harper's Bazaar)

"Death by Stiletto? I can't imagine a better way to go." -Brian Atwood

"The perfect accessory can make the difference between looking blah and totally to die for." -Michael Kors

Vera Wang, offering a poisonous cocktail to Zoe reveals,"I only want to kill Rachel when I don't land one of her fabulous clients for the Oscars."

We love the styling for the whole shoot--but Vera's look really caught our attention. She's wearing a black fur gilet that is her own design, but it looks similar to our jacket with a faux fur collar.

And of course Rachel rocked a little white dress--one of this season's biggest trends.

For a monochromatic look try our Seven Seas Dress or Coastal Romper: