Thursday, August 26, 2010

FNO Looks from Qi

Fashion's Night Out's main event, the fashion show at Lincon Center on September 7th, is now sold out. The 1,500 general sale tickets for the FNO show sold out yesterday, a mere four hours after going on sale.

Now more exciting news about the fashion show has been released! Tabitha Simmons and Edward Enninful are styling the show and they’ve created 7 themes for the much-anticipated and highly-publicized show. The themes are: Global Traveler, Rocker Girl, Roaring Twenties, Clean Chic, Fifties Era and Country Weekend.

We decided it would be fun to make looks of our own based off these themes.

1. Global Traveler

2. Rocker Girl

3. Roaring Twenties

4. Clean Chic

5. Fifties Era

6. Country Weekend

What do you think?

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