Thursday, August 5, 2010

Real Estate Woes

Courtney Love is on the hunt for a house in New York City, but she is struggling to find the right place! She told New York Magazine that she wants to find a house in Greenwich Village. She claims she's not too picky, but that "[t]he Village is definite" and it "has to be in that part that's really quaint and lovely." While quaint and lovely are not the first two words that may come to mind when envisioning Courtney Love, the rock-musician-turned-actress is set on moving out of the Mercer Hotel and into a more permanent residence.

Unable to buy Milla Jovovich's house, which was her top pick, Love relinquished and checked out some of the other little houses in the area. It was there Courtney met with a woman who happens to be neighbors with Anna Wintour. Unfortunately for Love, the seller rejected her, despite having "impeccable references."

The irony of Anna Wintour, arguably the most powerful and influential woman in the fashion industry, living alongside Courtney Love, who just recently launched What Courtney Wore Today, a personal style blog that features Love's botched attempts at spelling "Balenciaga," her infamous incoherent rants, and low-quality photos that document Love's daily outfits, is not lost on us. Courtney can 'vogue' for her camera phone as much as she wants to on her blog, but it doesn't seem like it will gain her residency anywhere close to the editor-in-chief. [NYMAG.COM]

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