Thursday, August 12, 2010

Treasures of Syria

While Marc Jacobs flies to Morocco to get inspired, Anna Sui teams up with Anthropologie buyer, Keith Johnson, for an inspiration trip of their own! Together they venture to Syria to gain design inspiration from the markets of Aleppo and Damascus. Man Shops Globe shows the pair pushing through a "claustrophobic" market to look at the treasures of Syria. After deciding on some hand-carved soaps to bring back for a keepsake and ogling at glass chandeliers, Sui notes that “[i]t’s such a traditional culture, I don’t know how really to interpret it. Maybe it’s going to be more in the color.”

Check out the clip here:

For Qi's Spring 2011 collection, design director, Karina Mazzilli, was inspired by nature's beauty. The four abstracts of nature--sky, earth, water and air--are inspirations that can be seen throughout the line. The collection draws inspiration from the depths of the seas, to the summits of mountains, to the grasslands of Africa, featuring nautical stripes and rompers with brass buttons, structured blazers with a utilitarian feel, and tribal prints that will instantly transport you to the humid jungles of Namibia.

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