Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oil, Oil Everywhere...

The oil leak may have been stopped, but the controversy continues. Vogue Italia has attracted criticism for mixing politics and fashion in their August issue’s “Oil and Water” shoot. Photographed by Stephen Meisel, the shoot stars Kristen McMenamy, betrothed in an oil-soaked feather gown, who appears incapacitated and washed up on shore. Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani admits that the shoot is “shocking to see” but that the message being conveyed is very important. She reminds readers to “[b]e careful about nature” and “take more care about nature.”

However, some people do not share Sozzani’s perspective on the shoot. Many residents of the Gulf argue that Vogue Italia is cheapening a grave, life-altering catastrophe by glamorizing it. Take a peek at the photos below and decide for yourself whether the magazine did a tasteful job in mixing art and fashion with social commentary or if you feel Vogue Italia should have steered clear of the serious issue: [Styleist]

All Pictures Courtesy of: Vogue Italia

Here at Qi, we tend to agree with Franca Sozzani—the pictures, while provocative, depict the environmental tragedy in a creative and realistic way. We commend Vogue Italia for making the disaster a global issue and preventing it from going unnoticed. Qi especially approves of the message Sozzani intended to send—a reminder to examine our society’s environmental impact and make conscious efforts towards a sustainable future.

This season Qi is celebrating the increasing social concern for environmental conservation. Our Holiday 2010 collection features pieces that are adorned in beautiful feathers. We will be donating 10% of the proceeds of the feathered garments to the National Wildlife Federation to help aid in the clean up of the Gulf. Qi is also saying no to plastic and encouraging others to do the same. We created the Mother Nature tote bag to serve as a fashionable reminder to save our planet. With its inspirational phrases such as, “Mother Nature Loves Us, Love Her Back” and “Make A Change, Start A Trend, Go Green,” we aim to inspire everyone to make changes that will benefit the earth.

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