Monday, October 25, 2010

Sequins For Daytime

As the holidays approach, there are more and more reasons to celebrate...and more and more reasons to dress up!

This season, pick a trend that commands attention, like sequins! They are a fun and flirty look and can be worn during the day or at night.

You don't need an excuse to dress up and look great, which is why sequins have recently become a daytime look. It's not a hard trend to pull off if you know what to do.

Sequins make a statement on their own, so for daytime it is important to let the sequins be the center of attention. Tone the look down with denim or casual leggings and flats. Refrain from wearing big jewelry--instead stick to classic pieces.

Here models Chanel Iman and Masha Novoselova show how mixing sequins with casual knitwear create the perfect day look:
PC: [Fabsugar]

Qi's soft wool and sequin Alia Tunic is the perfect piece to wear during the day:

Shop and you'll be guaranteed to shine!

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