Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gossip Girl Fashion

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Hey, it's Gossip Girl here.

We just got the juiciest tip on a trend that is sweeping Constance Billiard and taking the Upper East Side! Fashionistas, do you know which contemporary knitwear company that creates sexy and modern looks was seen on Queen B last season? It's Qi, of course!

Always the trendsetter, Blair wore Qi's Newsie Scarf and it didn't take long before Little J was spotted on the Constance steps in the Qi Mesh Flower Skirt.

Gossip Girl hears that Qi has sent over one of the top picks from the Fall 2010 collection:
The 100% lambskin leather Catwoman Skirt is both tough and chic with its industrial details, such as the three buckles and zip-up back.

As we all know, word travels fast on the Upper East Side, so make sure to pre-order your Catwoman Skirt from right now and prove how fashion forward you are!

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Gossip Girl

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