Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rest, Relaxation, and Some Serious Spending.

With the new luggage weight restrictions implemented by the airlines, it is becoming more and more important to travel light. However, women continue to find it hard to properly pack. This may be due to the fact that, according to a recent survey, the average woman spends £200 more on her holiday wardrobe than she does on the trip itself! Surprisingly enough, the average cost of a summer vacation trip is £500, and it seems that since women believe that they are getting such a great deal on their trip, they allow themselves to splurge on new clothes and beauty products for the getaway. The desire to buy a new bikini, cover up, summer dress, cute sandals and a new self-tanner results in a shopping spree that averages around £700. Adding in the price of pre-departure beauty treatments, such as a mani-pedi, leg wax, eyebrow shaping, and fake tan, many women spend up to £855 getting ready for the vacation. Obviously, the bargain break that many seek comes with a steep pre-departure price tag.

Vacations are the time to relax, have fun, and spend some time on you. There is no doubt that women want to look great and feel great on the beach and sometimes some trendy new clothes can do just the trick. There is no shame in wanting to dress to impress, and so by all means, check out Qi New York’s Spring 2010 collection for some summer vacation essentials.

Hit the beach in your favorite bikini, throw on Qi’s Gypsy Asymmetrical Dress and head to the beach for some refreshing daiquiris.

Slip on your favorite pair of stilettos and Qi’s Wild Winged Dove 1-Shoulder Dress for the perfect dinner attire.

After all the fun, snuggle up in the Stewart Cable Cardigan as you lounge around your hotel.

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