Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Levi's Loves the Earth


In an effort to go green, the classic denim company, Levi’s, has created a sustainable denim collection called Water
The sustainable line hits stores in January 2011, and Levi's will continue to produce 1.5 million pairs of jeans, which in total will conserve over 16 MILLION liters of water.

Erik Joule, the Vice President of Levi’s announced, ““We challenged ourselves to operate at the intersection of style and sustainability. We challenged conventions and asked in which processes we could eliminate or reduce our water use.”

The brand reduced the number of wet cycle processes used in production from three cycles to one. They also developed a way to stonewash jeans without the use of water.

The Water
Qi is happy to hear that more and more companies are considering their impact on our environment. As contributors to important environmental causes, such as the National Wildlife Federation's efforts to clean up the Gulf, we take pride in the fact that our knitwear is made from cashmere, a renewable resource that ensures profitability for farmers, in an efficient and eco-friendly way. Made from the fine downy undercoat of goats, cashmere is both renewable and sustainable.

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Besides feeling like heaven against your skin, our cashmere styles will protect you from the cold while protecting the earth, as well!

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