Friday, September 17, 2010

Spike Lee Heads Back to Louisiana

[Charlie Varley/Sipa Press]

Spike Lee returns to New Orleans for his second HBO documentary to look at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The new, two-part film, “If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise” is the sequel to “When the Levees Broke”—a documentary that exposed the death, devastating loss, and economic turmoil that plagued New Orleans after Katrina. Now, Spike Lee returns to explore the social, political, and economic factors that are holding Louisiana back from a full recovery. The film looks at the evolution of New Orleans five years after Katrina struck, and follows the city from its 2010 Super Bowl victory to the BP oil spill. The documentary features a moving montage of footage depicting the leak spewing more than 60,000 gallons of oil per day into the Gulf.

Originally, Lee had wanted to end the film on a positive note—with the big Super Bowl win. However, when the BP oil spill struck he had to rethink the entire structure of the film.

Lee told the LA Times, "We had to rethink everything. We had to deal with the biggest oil disaster of the world. And the fact that they didn't want to speak about it made it even a bigger story."

Lee’s mission is to expose the truth behind the disaster and how it could have been prevented. The movie is his response to the injustice that led to the suffering of so many American citizens.

Lee states, "It's about justice, it's about right and wrong. I love this country, and these people are just screwing it up over greed. It's a disgrace. What we stress is that 11 people died on that oil rig over a company's decision to cut corners."

Here at Qi, we are planning to tune in this Monday and Tuesday night to watch “If God is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise.” We are dedicated supporters of the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to clean up the Gulf and are interested to see what the residents have to say about the recent disaster.

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Do your part to help clean up the coast and better the lives of those afflicted by the oil spill.

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