Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Qi's New Home Collection

The saying “home is where the heart is” has never rang more true. For the last decade, Qi’s heart has been immersed in producing sumptuous, soft cashmere and now the brand delights in bringing a sense of style and splendor to the home!

This season Qi is pleased to announce its new home collection. The line of home goods is set to launch in August 2011.

The collection will include seven cashmere fringed throw blankets, featuring striped, plaid, patchwork and mosaic patterns, as well as solid hues of ivory, camel, taupe, and espresso.

Cashmere decorative pillows, covers and shams will compliment an urban-chic décor by adding a touch of finesse to any room.

As the adage goes, home is what you make it. So don’t miss out on Qi’s cashmere home collection. Curl up on the couch with Qi, and find yourself in the lap of luxury.

All photos by Janira Martinez

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